Make your own Luna magical closet at home

Family time

You can create your own Luna magical closet at home. Find a area to create a play space to store dress up play time items. Do you have extra space in the bottom of a closet or area in your home?
You can create a play chest even from a cardboard box that you can decorate outside with crayons or markers and stickers. Hunt around and find old items from your home, family members aging parents that are no longer being used. Items like: Sunglasses, scarfs, hats, old boots, shoes the clunkier the better. Old costumes, ethnic dresses from all over the world old jewelry (child safe of course).  Old ski clothes, old sports jerseys cheerleading outfits and makeup. The list can be made to your families liking. Dress up playtime  allows children to use their decision making skills on their own. No phones, no videos no ipads they are making the choices. It can be a one on one playtime with your child making memories to last a lifetime but most of all lot's of giggles please.


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