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All about Luna in my closet

Are you ready to be Lunas friend?

 Luna is a spirited kitty who is full of dreams and imagination. She resides with her siblings who are much older and are never interested in playing with her. Lunas mommy is always busy with work and can only spend so much time with her. All Luna wants is a friend to play with. At night Luna explores her mommys magical closet and imagines different adventures to go on to find a friend.  

Join Luna on her her magical adventures and share lots of giggles with her along the way.

Where is Luna going___ She needs you! Fo

Luna in my closet, storytime anytime!

Luna is available in paperback & e-books

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Join Luna and her family 



Play time

Luna in my closet is an interactive experience. You should be wearing your cat ears while listening to the story. At the end you can place your hand over the paw page and pledge to be Lunas friend. Once you pledge it's time to celebrate by wearing your crown and waving your wand over Luna's wand on the cover page. You are now a member of Lunas friendship club, welcome Luna loves you all! 

Family project time

Time for a Luna magical closet in your home

Creating a Luna magical closet in your home is easy. Find a place in your home for a dress up playtime space. Create a play closet space at the bottom of an empty closet or a cardboard box you can store somewhere. Decorating a box or bin with your own magical designs using crayons,  markers or stickers is a fun task. Dress up playtime is about using your imagination and decision making skills independently away from electronics, TV's, Phones or I-pads.  Gathering unused items to use, unused clothes, old scarfs and hats. Old costumes, silly shoes & boots. Older family members usually have some treasures to use. Costume jewelry and makeup compacts ad to the fun. It's one on one time,  memories in the making time but most of all its giggle time!


Perfect Execution


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We will be on Good day!
Fri, Aug 23
Good Day Sacramento
Aug 23, 2019, 9:00 AM
Good Day Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport, 6900 Airport Blvd W, Sacramento, CA 95837, USA
Watch me present Luna in my closet on August 23rd at 9:00 AM!

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